Posted on Friday 30 November 2018
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Dev Jungle: A Python Story

Word or two about me

I am Deniz, a graduate Engineer from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, who has been working as a software developer for the past 5 years.

My story

Once I was a boy with a lot of potential dreaming of having a job where I could create unique things, using my ideas and creativity. Years later, I found myself studying IT and suddenly became just another person lost in the swarm of the constant growth of developers. Throughout the years I’ve tried to use my creativity in web design and front-end development. Later I went through hell and fire learning mobile apps, to finally find my place in the hands of the software development. My first checkpoint was Php, and I’ve spent couple of years using it for development. Then three years ago I started using Python for a change and I have been in love with it since.

My passion

There are few professions I admire and definitely one of my top three is architecture. Imagine building houses and buildings on an empty field, or a bridge on a fast, wide and wavy river. Now imagine building things not physically but rather with your mind! Shaping solutions, then reshaping them any way you like. Solving real problems in the digitized world and feeling the pride of your own creations.

My Python Adventure

I believe that you don’t choose the programming language, but the programming language chooses you. If you like a robust and flexible language, clean and readable code, extensive support libraries, Python will definitely win your heart. Desktop and web apps? Python. Hardware? Python. Game development? Python. Neural networks and deep learning? Of course, Python.

The Designated Framework: Django

There is a huge amount of things that make Django one of the best frameworks there are at the moment. It follows the MVC pattern and the separation of the static media from the code makes it very scalable. It does not force you to use third party libraries, no configuration files, there are no mandatory imports and it makes testing and logging extremely easy. There is a huge awesome community which provides open-source packages, the framework is actively developed and my favorite – the built-in admin panel.

Growth to greatness

The best way to develop your career would be accepting all the challenges you face, as it’s the only way a person can know his true capabilities. As of my previous experience, I can tell that one’s biggest enemy is the comfort zone. The beauty of being a developer is the constant swim across the depths of the unknown and creating something out of nothing. The work environment plays one of the crucial roles in a developer’s life. Having fun colleagues, broad work-space, great equipment and loads of coffee definitely boosts your happiness and makes your mornings bearable. But at the end of the day you need an exciting project, that will make you forget that you should go home, and be even more excited to come in early the next day. I found that excitement here, in Xessable.

What moves me

The thing that I like the most in Xessable is the good atmosphere and communication between the colleagues. I love how no one is looking down on another (of course when we’re not playing CS:GO) and we’re always trying to learn something new from each other’s experiences.

Professional Improvement Quest 

I used to watch a lot of tutorials when I was a beginner, because it led me through the code very fast. But in order to understand the principles and the essentials, I’ve discovered that reading the documentation thoroughly is the best thing developers can do for themselves.

The impact of the project I am currently working on

The current project I am working on in Xessable is for a Dutch client developing innovative software applications for continuous monitoring and improvement of marine engines. The nature of the project, including both software and hardware in the maritime industry, has definitely punched me out of my comfort zone into the real developer problematics which I find immensely exciting. The potential of the same improved my developer skills as I started writing cleaner code and following OOP principles while doing so.

Life with Xessable and Aviso Instruments 

I believe that the driving force in both companies is that the hierarchy is invisible, we can all enjoy each other’s company, and most importantly don’t feel any pressure from it.

I’m a mind architect in a world of never ending digital development.

The perfect amount of hardware and software development in a project is another level of awesomeness.

Naming one hero

Dennis Ritchie (I wish I could relate)

End of line

Don’t be a slave to your own comfort zone. Find what makes you happy, and don’t stop until you master it.



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