Posted on Wednesday 16 December 2020
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We have been thinking each day about how this pandemic has changed the life around us. Guidance and different approaches for how to be resilient and how to facilitate work are being posted online constantly. Suggesting rethinking, redesigning or reevaluating processes around workflows, organization, and employees. As part of the Agile people community, enrolled with Agile HR training, where as part of  it,  I was introduced to Meddlers games and Happiness door games, and knew nothing about until then. Since sharing is always practice,  this game concept seemed  like a good thing to be presented in our company. As we tried to figure it out the concept of the game,  we indeed were able to re design and plan our organizational structure.  Significantly to understand each other’s roles in the organization. Now that we had hats pictures to symbolize them, it was much clearer.

Meddlers game made it visible to realize how our organization looks like and what is needed for future.

The game itself is very interesting, yet there are no specific rules, no winners, nor losers. Meddlers game gave us insight on where we stand and what we should do next. The most interesting part was that in opened our minds for different perspectives and opportunities we  might grasp, in order to be more flexible and effective.


As addition for our office but not limited to it, we also created a happiness door. Happiness door is simple a place where you stick a note  that is expressing mood. The effect of seeing other people’s feelings, thoughts or attitudes is priceless. Especially varieties of funny interpretations while reading them thus  some were replying. This encourages employees to share and express themselves whenever they feel like it. Indeed, this tool and approach is a happiness motivator, boosting interactions and contributes to positive culture.